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My Renault app: banner_title_oups

Recently I was getting banner_title_oups when I tried to start the My Renault app (preheat the car in the winter is just nice 😉).

Uninstall, reinstall did not change anything; I did not even get the sign-in screen! Weird.

After a lot of tinkering around it worked! But why? I was not in the WiFi anymore – and this is the culprit:

I run adblocking for the whole home network (aka PiHole or Adguard); something must have changed in the Adlists or in the app itself.
I granted access to the whole device now, if I get down the rabbit hole on what domain is causing the issue – I will update.
If you have the same problem: be sure to check any adblocking software you may run on your device or even off the device. Switching DNS and network can also help to troubleshoot.

One thought to “My Renault app: banner_title_oups”

  1. I had to whitelist “”, which was the domain blocked by Pihole at My Renault startup to be able to use the app within my wifi again.

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