MiniX NEO X7 – bricked after flashing

Recently I wanted to update my MiniX NEO X7 to a newer Android Version provided directly from MiniX, but instead of clicking on “Restore” I accidentally clicked on “Upgrade” in the Rockchip Batch Tool.

2015-02-15 17-08-09

During the process everything looked good, but in the end the MiniX wasn’t starting, the Rockchip Batch Tool also threw an error.

I tried to enter recovery mode again (by pressing the recovery button with a paperclip etc.) and I could see a green square in the Rockchip Batch Tool, but only for about 7 seconds.

Install Debian on MiniX NEO X7

notice NOTICE: Your Minix will boot from SD-Card automatically. Internal Flash will not be used and won’t be available.

To install Debian on the MiniX NEO X7 you need:

– a SD Card (minimum 4GB)
– a Linux Machine
– a Windows Machine
– these both zip-files: (needed on the linux machine) & (needed on the windows machine)


At first boot up your Linux Box, and insert your SD Card.

Find the right partition of the SD Card, it should contain only one partition:

cat /proc/partitions

Then format the partition as ext4: