My top 4 productivity settings for Google Calendar (Google Workspace)

Similar to my other post about my productivity settings in Gmail, I quickly want to document my settings in Google Calendar here.

Of course as I outlined also in my previous post, everyone has unique ways of working and therefore has to use different settings. These are just mine 🙂

I like to have two timezones displayed in my calendar, that’s very helpful when you have to schedule international meetings. You can see in the second screenshot that a second time bar is then displayed in the calendar view.


To get yourself and others some room to breath between meetings, I highly recommend to let meetings end early. I set the default duration to 50 minutes and also enabled “speedy meetings” – this will let your meetings end 5 or 10 minutes earlier – dependent on how long they are.


Some more miscellaneous settings I enjoy are to not show declined events, show week numbers in the mini calendar on the left hand side, reducing the brightness of past events and also to view calendars side by side in Day View for easy scheduling.


As I already have my timezones in the calendar I don’t need the world clock in the left navigation bar, that’s why I just disabled it.


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