MiniX NEO X7 – bricked after flashing

Recently I wanted to update my MiniX NEO X7 to a newer Android Version provided directly from MiniX, but instead of clicking on “Restore” I accidentally clicked on “Upgrade” in the Rockchip Batch Tool.

2015-02-15 17-08-09

During the process everything looked good, but in the end the MiniX wasn’t starting, the Rockchip Batch Tool also threw an error.

I tried to enter recovery mode again (by pressing the recovery button with a paperclip etc.) and I could see a green square in the Rockchip Batch Tool, but only for about 7 seconds.

I finally found a working solution in the freaktab forums. You just have to connect power to your MiniX and then press and hold (!) the power button for the whole flashing process.

So I didn’t have to deal with shorting some PINs on the PCB 🙂


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