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Federate O365 without a 3rd party domain

Usually you need a proper domain added to O365 (M365) to set up federation with Office 365 / Microsoft 365. Sometimes a hassle in a PoC for prospects as they have to get a proper domain for their Test / Dev MSFT Tenant.

→ But there is a workaround!

Microsoft recently released a feature called “Rename your SharePoint domain” – a long requested feature from the MSFT community. It allows you to add a second * domain to your Office 365 Tenant. And we can use that to our advantage.

Check out this page from Microsoft on how to configure:

⚠️ Warning / Caution ⚠️:
→ This is a preview feature!
Only the link to the Azure AD Custom Domain blade / config site mentioned on MSFT Docs page made it work for me!
→ You can try it in a PoC, but no guarantee!

Have a look at this demo:

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