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Concur: adding expenses best practices, tips and tricks

Greetings – as I found out some best practices and ‘how to add expenses the best’ the hard way, I thought it would be nice to share it!

Use the Concur Smartphone App

As you probably already know, you can scan your receipts on the go with your smartphone and the Concur App. All receipts are analyzed automatically – so you do not have to type in the amount, ​expense type etc.

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Also you can let Concur add all new ​incoming expenses to an expense report automatically by using Expense Assistant.


​Forward emails with receipt directly to Concur

What I use quite often: You receive an email with the receipt as attachement (for example Uber, Hotels, etc.) on your private or business email inbox – and you can just forward the email to [email protected]

To be able to do that, you have to register the desired email-addresses in Concur first.
Go to your Profile (top right), in the left navigation choose “Email Addresses”. Then click on “Add an email address”, add your business and maybe also your private email address (from these addresses you can forward your expenses / invoices). You will receive an email from Concur (after you have added the new email address) with an confirmation link – you have to click on the confirmation link prior forwarding expenses to [email protected]​ (the status has to be “Verified” as you can see in the second screenshot.)


Use the Concur Outlook App

You can also add the Concur App to Outlook (just click add or get):
In Outlook you will soon see the App deployed.

Note: The Concur App is also working on your Smarthphone when using the Outlook App for Android or iOS – as soon you click on “More” or the three dots in an email.


Connect other Apps to Concur for automatic import

You can also connect multiple Apps to Concur, e. g. when driving with Uber or Mytaxi, the receipt will be automatically imported to Concur.


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  1. Hi
    Könntest du mir das Update 351 und auf 357 zukommen lassen . Vielleicht auch bereits auf CD.
    Der Rest geht dann über Pay Pal.
    Gruß Harald

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